Saturday, June 27, 2009

Importance of Keywords

I make money with this blog by explaining the search engine optimization techniques I use to target terms like "make money online". I make money by simply ranking high in the searches for terms related to making money. That's it. You need to able to rank high in google search engine so you able to get the most traffic.

I have spent the past year writing posts that optimize various keywords that I have chosen based on the amount of traffic those keywords generate on the search engines. I built this blog without ever expecting or caring if I ever had a real audience of readers. My goal was simple - generate large amounts of search engine traffic and convert that traffic into Adsense clicks.

So what the deal with search engine optimization

You just started a blog for the fun of it and in due course you started learning a bit about this and a bit about that and before you knew it you have opened Pandora's box. You all want to make money with your blog. You have found out that it isn't that easy. What's the biggest single hurdle everyone blogging faces?How to Get Traffic.

Sure this is obvious but worth emphasizing - without traffic your blog is pointless and has no hope of making money. Not just any traffic will do however. You need search engine traffic - Google's. I am going to try and simplify things as much as possible. There is a lot to learn but most of it can be added later. There are a few basics that need to be applied right from day 1 and this is what I will concentrate on here. Ranking Number 1 in GoogleSEO boils down to two things.1) On Page Search Optimization2) Off Page Search OptimizationThat's it - see simple.On page optimization boils down to two things.1) Blog Layout (URL, Blog Title, Description, Sidebar Headers and then all the crap thrown in to bugger up the blog's layout.)2) Post Layout (Post Title, Post Header, Sub Headers, Post Content) Off Page Optimization boils down to one thing.1) Backlinks (Quality PR, site relevant, keyword relevant links)

Adsense Gold Mine !!!

"How to Make Money with Adsense".

I know most of you are familiar with the concept of adding Adsense to your blogs and are equally familiar with not making any money with it - or paltry sums at best. I pick a niche that gets lots of search engine traffic and has a lot of corresponding advertisers and then optimize my blog and posts for every term that is in any way related to the main topic and sometimes no relation what so ever.

My goal is always the same - I want to rank on page 1 on Google for every single term I target. By doing this I receive thousands upon thousands of visitors to my sites everyday and a percentage of these visitors click my ads or buy products through my links. Making money online can be reduced to one simple equation - the more search traffic you receive the more money you make. You will not make decent income until you start drawing thousands of visitors daily - it is a simple numbers game. Keywords and search engine optimzation is the most imporant things to get people to go to your website.

To make money with Adsense you will have to grasp these concepts first. In spite of what most of you think - you can make a good living with Adsense sites. I do and I can honestly say that it is the easiest method for making money online - but - it does require work and some patience before you start seeing any meaningful results. I just want you to realize that this is a viable source of income if you want to buckle down and work for it.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Free Money, Where can you get it ?????

There's no such thing as free money in this world. You always have to do something to obtain it.

Most start of by clicking on websites and doing surveys for them you can get paid 5-10c per website clicked and up to 10$ per survey done.

I have been using, now known as Rewards Central and My opinions for more then 7 years, this won't make you rich but it will definately get you free money for spending some time each time clicking on websites from emails they send to you and taking surveys. On average I make about 300$ each year, its free to join and it's actually one of the few legit sites where you don't have to spend any money to earn some money for free, so I do recommend you join today. Remember to fill out your profile, that's the most important part when you join these two programs, without these filled out you won't be getting as many websites to look at and not many surveys be given out to you, so remember to filled in the profile. Also remember to visit there website each day, you can earn some more money.

Another program similar to above, is Pureprofile, I been using this program for about 2 years now. On average about 50$ every 2-3months, they will pay directly into your bank account when you reach there minmum amount of 25$. What I like about this program is that everything you earn is done on the website, all the website you view is worth about 10c, each video you watch pays 20c and each survey on average is about 2-4$. If you visit every day you will probably get at least one survey to complete.

These programs won't make you rich, but definately worth it, if you use the internet everyday. In the next posts, I will be introducing how to really make money on the internet, using Adsense.